Sexy Giantess

Giantesses will completely consume you!

Lilia has found that green nice Truck you can see on the ground next to her suede boots. She smiles into the camera, lifts one boot and lowers it on the truck! First she touches it slowly and gently, and then she increases the pressure on her foot and makes the car crack. Then she violently stomps it until it breaks all apart...

Now it finally happened! Her boyfriend always told her how much he was into inanimate objectification. She always found his fantasy some kind of pathetic but finally she got that voodoo spell book and she found a way to transform him into a plastic figure. After she was done he found himself lying on her chest waiting for the big final. He couldn't move or communicate and was frightened! He cried and wanted her to transform him back but it was too late already. She ate him and swallowed him...

Katja has just transformed her ex girl friend into a tiny little doll! She was always warning her not to talk to her boyfriend but she met him anyway and it happened between them... That's the punishment for being such a liar. Katja tortures her tiny plastic body, sits on her and makes her smell her bare feet. After that she put her into the garbage...

Mistress Mary has shrunken down her boyfriend! He was always talking about feet the whole day long. Then she finally decided to give him what he was searching for all the time: Feet! She shrunk him down and tortured him with her bare feet. Then she got bored by his tiny cries and fixed him on her sweaty sole using some sticky tape.

Mistress Kira Star smokes her cigarette. Then she takes one of those toy soldiers she has placed on the ground to torture it. She blows her cigarette smoke right into his plastic face and tortures him with her sharp long fingernails. Then she rips his arms and legs off. She smiles and continues destroying his friends...

Lilia has just found a doll on the street and she decides to destroy it just for fun. First she crushes it with her sexy sharp heel and as she notices that her stomps won't have a great effect on that tiny doll, she decides to use a heavier weight: Her car! She puts the doll right in front of her car's wheels and drives all over it. She spins her wheels on the dolls tiny body and roughly destroys it.

Mistress Helen finally drank this growing potion to perform her long awaited revenge on her ex boyfriend's house. He has ruined her life and now it's about time to ruin his! She is huge and his house appears to be tiny to her! She uses her high heels to stomp and destroy it.

Mistress Janine has just transformed her ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend into dolls. He has cheated on her and now it's time to literally make the first step of revenge. She binds the dolls onto the pedals of her training device and begins to trample them with her sexy bare feet.

Giantess Lady Sina wants to crush YOU under her boots, socks and bare feet. She starts wearing her well-worn high heel boot which slowly come down on your tiny body - but she doesn't crush you just yet. She rather takes her boots off and steps on you wearing her stinky socks she wore all day in the boots before she finishes you under her bare feet which come down on you with the full weight of this beautiful giantess.

Giantess Mercedes wants to torture this little girl. She starts by biting her tiny body which is so small Mercedes could probably eat her after biting her in two parts. But she won't finish her tiny victim that quickly. The little girl gets squished between Mercedes' big tits first - just before Mercedes steps on the tiny body!

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