Sexy Giantess

Giantesses will completely consume you!

Giantess Lady Sina wants to crush YOU under her boots, socks and bare feet. She starts wearing her well-worn high heel boot which slowly come down on your tiny body - but she doesn't crush you just yet. She rather takes her boots off and steps on you wearing her stinky socks she wore all day in the boots before she finishes you under her bare feet which come down on you with the full weight of this beautiful giantess.

Giantess Mercedes wants to torture this little girl. She starts by biting her tiny body which is so small Mercedes could probably eat her after biting her in two parts. But she won't finish her tiny victim that quickly. The little girl gets squished between Mercedes' big tits first - just before Mercedes steps on the tiny body!

Lady Isabelle shrunk a guy and now he's in big trouble - sitting on the bottom next to her giant feet in dangerous high heel sandals. She first teases him, scratching him with the sharp heels of her shoes and moving him with the shoe soles before the real crushing begins. The tiny body gets flattened immediately under this giantesses' weight!

Mistress Cathy has shrunken her ex boyfriend. He was a total asshole and she hated being with him so she decided to make him become her crush toy. She put him on the sofa and next you can see her sitting on his tiny little body with her full body weight. She really visibly enjoys his torture...

This sexy young blonde lady is called Mandy. She is performing her daily jogging tour through the forest as she notices something on the ground! Oh what a surprise, another little shrunken guy for her to play with. She stops and lifts that poor little ma. She takes off her stinky and smelly sneaker to put that guy into her shoe and force him to smell her sexy sweaty feet...

Sexy and gorgeous mistress Weronika will crush you like a bug under her sexy shoes and bare feet. She looks down at you as you are laying on the ground helplessly and delivered. She smiles devilish as she lifts her foot right above your head and lowers it with an satisfied and amused smile in her face...

A little blonde girl lies next to giantess Katja's high heels. This Russian cutie steps on the small girl without mercy. The little girl gets crushed under her shoe soles and she penetrates the small body with her sharp heels.

Goddess GG sees you tiny guy on the floor next to her feet - watching your goddess. She tells you how pathetic it looks and that she could crush you easily. After some laughing and teasing she does exactly that - crushing you under her high heels.

Lady Stefanie is angry - her boss made her work on weekend. She takes out her aggression-doll and imagines what she would do if this doll would be her boss! She talks to it and starts to heavily punish it. She steps on it with her sexy bare feet, crushes its head and demonstrates her power.

Lady Isabelle is wearing her new red high heel plateau pumps in this clip! She loves them and mostly she loves the power those shoes are giving to her! She shows it off on a little plastic figure. She puts it on the ground and tortures it as she crushes it many times with her full weight...

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