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Giantess Deeane loves putting her doll in her mouth then crushing the plastic toy in between her white teeth. The feel of the doll rolling around on her tongue turns her on. She rolls it in between her teeth and tongue. Her spit covers the plastic boyfriend.

Giantess lays across her bed with a serious craving for a plastic toy. She chews on the plastic doll while it turns her on the longer she chew. Her teeth chomped on the little man crushing the doll under her tough teeth. Her bare feet swings back and forth the longer she chews on the small toy. She pretends that the toy is her boyfriend until he comes home from work.

Sexy giantess Deeane is wearing a very skimpy tiny black dress and ornate green high heels as she realizes that all the other guests at the party are gone. Where did they go? She doesn't know she just crushed three people as she walks up and sits on a table! She's a really hungry giant too - so hungry she enjoys chips and eats all of the other guests in the dip!

Now it finally happened! Her boyfriend always told her how much he was into inanimate objectification. She always found his fantasy some kind of pathetic but finally she got that voodoo spell book and she found a way to transform him into a plastic figure. After she was done he found himself lying on her chest waiting for the big final. He couldn't move or communicate and was frightened! He cried and wanted her to transform him back but it was too late already. She ate him and swallowed him...

Giantess Mercedes wants to torture this little girl. She starts by biting her tiny body which is so small Mercedes could probably eat her after biting her in two parts. But she won't finish her tiny victim that quickly. The little girl gets squished between Mercedes' big tits first - just before Mercedes steps on the tiny body!

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