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Giantess Deeane is a stunning mistress who is also a witch and she is angry and upset on Christmas day because her loser boyfriend broke up with her. She decides to get even and she shrinks him down to a tiny slave only a few inches tall. She then chases him around her place with her bare feet and tries hard to squash him. Then she finally gets him and crushes him with her bare feet.

Watch as Giantess Deeane is on a rampage through town in her short skirt bikini top and high heels. Watch as this giantess crush's cars while she searches for her ex-boyfriend showing off her ass in her mini skirt crushing anything that stands in her way under her giantess feet. This giantess then picks up her shrunken ex boyfriend and begins biting him getting ready to eat him whole.

Mistress Lucy's boyfriend always wanted to become her living insole he claimed and one day she turned his dream into reality. He found himself tiny as a bug lying on the ground next to her giant bare feet. He could smell them much stronger and he was frightened about what would happen next. She does what he always asked her for: She put him in her shoe and used him as living insole...

Now it finally happened! Her boyfriend always told her how much he was into inanimate objectification. She always found his fantasy some kind of pathetic but finally she got that voodoo spell book and she found a way to transform him into a plastic figure. After she was done he found himself lying on her chest waiting for the big final. He couldn't move or communicate and was frightened! He cried and wanted her to transform him back but it was too late already. She ate him and swallowed him...

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