Sexy Giantess

Giantesses will completely consume you!

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You are a tiny little loser who is being absolutely crushed by this giantess. Fortunately this giantess likes to play with her food so you will not be eaten or crushed just yet. You will have to start paying up in order to survive this giantess's wrath. Her sexy ass in a thong will continue to haunt your deepest fantasies. She knows exactly what to say to you in order to torture you!

Giantess Deeane enjoys her shrunken slave. She enjoys all the pleasure she gets from him. She allows her shrunken slave to watch her masturbate and play with her clit. She allows him to walk on her almost nude body. She enjoys the way her slave plays with her clit when she puts him into her thongs. After she has showered and brushed her teeth, she allows him to smell her breath and walk with her.

This sexy brunette Mistress is called Lily! She demonstrates you what she would love to do to you if you would just be a little bit smaller! She would sit on your body with her sexy ass and make you sniff and smell it while rubbing it all over your face. Smothering a shrunken guy with a huge ass would be the nicest thing she can imagine - so she tells...

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