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Jade and Katelyn always fantasise about eating each other. They are crazy about each other, and always fantasize about the time they'll eat each other. They even attempt it and start with each other's belly where they even remove each other's belly button rings with their mouths and simulate eating and swallowing each other wholly. This usually turns them on and they have a wonderful time doing it.

This giantess wanted to pleasure the little man. She took some mouth wash and used it as lube. She then held the tiny toy against her giant hands and then slowly started to give the toy a BJ. The more she did it the more it got her hornier. And believe it or not, the toy got itself rubbing against her clitoris and she cried out in pleasure while cumming.

Dressed all in black, with lovely red lips! This giant babe has it all! Lovely curly black hair, oh wait there are more giantesses! Which giantess will eat you? Or one of your friends? These chicks have really wide gaping mouths with pretty white teeth, and red lipstick! And they are hungry, thats right they are hungry for you! You will be really helpless, you will be crushed by anyone of these giantesses!

Sexy and gorgeous mistress Weronika will crush you like a bug under her sexy shoes and bare feet. She looks down at you as you are laying on the ground helplessly and delivered. She smiles devilish as she lifts her foot right above your head and lowers it with an satisfied and amused smile in her face...

Goddess GG sees you tiny guy on the floor next to her feet - watching your goddess. She tells you how pathetic it looks and that she could crush you easily. After some laughing and teasing she does exactly that - crushing you under her high heels.

Sexy mistress has shrunken you as retribution for not giving her your money. Now she will crush you and now money will be able to get you out of this mischievous state. She holds her sexy feet over your face and makes you look at them. Then she lowers them and says bye-bye...

Well little one, now that you found out that I'm a witch with magical attitudes and abilities, I will make you suffer and I will punish you! I don't need any basement to hurt you, it's just my personal fun - accept it or not. Now do you see my sexy stinking' foot? Have you ever been crushed by a 500" tall foot? Well let's see...

This sexy young girl is mistress Delicia. She has a fable for foot fetish freaks and enjoys making them obey her after making them helplessly addicted with her sexy soles. She circles her bare feet right over your head as you are staring at them - she knows how much attracted you are by watching them. Then she lowers them until her soles are touching your nose...

Mistress Weronika is known as cruel polish mistress. She enjoys torturing her slaves and making them perform like silly monkeys - in this clip you get to know her sisters dominance. As you are laying on the ground, she keeps holding her feet right over our face! She moves them and enjoys having you staring at them before she lowers them to crush you.

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