Sexy Giantess

Giantesses will completely consume you!

All articles in archive 11/2010

Mistress Mary has shrunken down her boyfriend! He was always talking about feet the whole day long. Then she finally decided to give him what he was searching for all the time: Feet! She shrunk him down and tortured him with her bare feet. Then she got bored by his tiny cries and fixed him on her sweaty sole using some sticky tape.

Mistress Kira Star smokes her cigarette. Then she takes one of those toy soldiers she has placed on the ground to torture it. She blows her cigarette smoke right into his plastic face and tortures him with her sharp long fingernails. Then she rips his arms and legs off. She smiles and continues destroying his friends...

Lilia has just found a doll on the street and she decides to destroy it just for fun. First she crushes it with her sexy sharp heel and as she notices that her stomps won't have a great effect on that tiny doll, she decides to use a heavier weight: Her car! She puts the doll right in front of her car's wheels and drives all over it. She spins her wheels on the dolls tiny body and roughly destroys it.

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